Metrodom sales office interior design, 220 m2

Budapest, Hungary
Client: Metrodom

The sales office is located in one of the real estate developer client’s ongoing projects, the Teve 33 mixed use building. It has a street front connection for a customer-friendly location. The project transforms an existing building into a 199-apartment and office building complex. The program of the sales office was spatially generous, in the 220 sqm open-office space only 3 sales workplaces were required with a customer lobby between them and with a separate meeting room.

The design concept has used a narrative based on the keyword ‘breeze’, representing the brand philosophy of the client, Metrodom. This narrative works in two levels in the interior design:

  • on the one hand, in the spatial layout that is generous and airy, basically a fluid open-office space with a clear and rational floor plan;
  • on the other hand, in the various details like the choice of furniture and upholstery, the exciting contrast between the general interior surfaces and the furnishing of the office, or in the unique wall panelings and space divider solution.

The most visible surfaces of the office space, such as floor, wall and ceiling covers are minimalist and sophisticated. Complementing this, we placed contrasting, unique elements in the strategic points of the space. These also visually conceal the existing building’s structure within the interior. A slightly reflective, satin gloss metal wall cladding and a structured glass covered space divider has been designed as the background wall of the main entry and lounge area.
Every sales workstation is a colourful and cosy island, contrasting the minimalist interior. The soft rugs and wooden cabinets livened by a pop of colour on the furniture upholsteries. The glass-walled meeting-room is a ‘green box’ in the center of the minimalist space, evoking Metrodom’s green brand colour.