I. district apartment interior design, 70 m2

Budapest, Hungary

Interior design in a classical turn of the century building for a guest apartment. In the design the main feature is an off-white central built-in furniture which is unifying the two main spaces - living-room/meeting-room and guest bedroom/gym. This also makes an arranged look in the generally amorphous layout. With a concealable sliding door between the two rooms the whole flat can be percieved as one open-space loft apartment. The curved built-in furniture serves as a wall covering, conceals the kitchenette and storage places, hides the bathroom in between the two bigger rooms, gives place for the gym equipment and even to a murphy bed for the guests. Surface continuous floor coverings and continuous lighting fixture allocation further unifies the space. The bathroom gets a signature ceramic wall covering as an interior lining of the off-white built-in furniture.